Stories of Hope


Success Stories

Read how the programs and people of LHCB help mothers, children and their families.


Mrs. Shirin receives lifesaving care at LHCB

Mrs. Shirin, age 22 years, was nearing the time of delivery when she suffered a sudden convulsion and became unconscious.  She had no prenatal care available to her in her village and her dangerously high blood pressure that caused her convulsion had gone undiagnosed.  Fortunately her family had heard of LHCB and brought her to our hospital where she was stabilized by Dr. Uttam and delivered an infant boy weighing 4 pounds 15 ounces.  After a three day stay in the hospital, a healthy mother and baby returned home to her grateful family.


Tushar's Story

This is the story of Tushar, a seven year old boy, youngest of 5 children, who was brought to the LHCB Mobile Clinic this fall by his parents because of their concern of his irritability, sad affect, stomach pains, continuous low grade fever, and poor appetite. He weighed just over 26 pounds – the average size of a 1 year old. The first thing that came to the minds of the LHCB medical staff at the mobile clinic was health education.  Tushar’s whole family was invited to a session about healthy living and healthy eating.  Anti-parasite drugs, and multivitamin tablets were provided for his family.  One month later Tushar’s family came for follow up as requested.  Tushar had gained almost 7 pounds and the whole family looked healthier and happier than before which was very rewarding our whole mobile clinic team.

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Our Impact and Results

In 2013, almost 10,000 patients were treated by the LHCB medical staff in the hospital, at the outpatient clinic and at the Mobile Clinics that were reinstated in 2013.  There were 233 deliveries at the hospital, and about one third of those by caesarian section because of high risk situations of the pregnant women presenting at our hospital.  In the outpatient department, 467 patients received emergency care and over 1800 immunizations were given to women and children.  LHCB was able to purchase a new, and much needed, ultrasound machine this past year that provided improvement in the management of our pregnant patients.  And over 7,000 women and adolescent girls received education in preventative health care, nutrition, hygiene, and family planning.

A new director of Community Development joined the LHCB staff this past year and designed LHCB’s plan for implementing our health and community development activities.  5 locations were targeted in the surrounding villages where especially poor households were identified.  The men and women chosen for the training program in farming, nursery development and gardening participated in classroom training at the hospital and practical training in the field.  The programs have been successfully implemented in 2 locations with regular Mobile Clinic visits and training programs for the farmers.

47 students were enrolled in LHCB’s Primary School in 2013 where the morals based curriculum focuses on teaching the students English.   During the National Victory Day (Independence) celebration on December 16, it was announced that all students had passed their exams successfully.